On this page you can view a number of previously-recorded webinars presented by our authors. These webinars will guide you through your topic offering practical steps you can take to ensure success in your studies. These sessions feature Q&As on topics such as Covid 19 and conspiracy theories, effective online learning and the first steps in thesis writing.

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Becoming a Critical Thinker

Covid, climate change and conspiracy theories: the need for students to think critically.

With author Sandra Egege.

In this time of fake news and conspiracy theories, we all need to become better critical thinkers. In this session, Sandra Egege discusses the dangers of false beliefs and unsubstantiated knowledge claims and how, as an educator, you can play a role in combating the superstitions and prejudices they fuel.Watch the session to consider:

• How students can think more critically

• What is the truth or knowledge and why it is true, how do we know?

This content is based on Becoming a Critical Thinker

Be Well, Learn Well

How to build motivation and get work done

With author Gareth Hughes.

Forming the basis of Be Well, Learn Well, Gareth aims to empower students of all disciplines to study more effectively, feel calmer and take control of their time at university.

What you'll get out of the webinar:

• An understanding of the two-way relationship between learning and wellbeing

• Learn practical steps you can take to improve your wellbeing to enhance your learning

This content is based on Be Well, Learn Well

Brilliant Essays

Take your essays to the next level

With author Ursula Hackett

In this webinar, hosted by Ursula Hackett (@Dr_Essays on Twitter) you'll find top tips for:

• Avoiding common essay pitfalls

• Unpicking essay questions

• Approaching essays with confidence

This content is based on Brilliant Essays.

Journaling for Students

Journal your way to success

With author Barbara Bassot

Journaling can be a fantastic tool to help you reflect on your goals, progress and achievements. In this recording of a webinar hosted by Barbara Bassot, author of The Reflective Journal, The Study Success Journal and The Employability Journal, you'll learn some top tips for:

• Developing successful study habits

• Building awareness of your strengths

• Reaching your goals

This content is based on The Reflective Journal, The Study Success Journal and The Employability Journal.

Critical Thinking

Getting Critical: What, Why and How

With Pocket Study Skills series editor and author Kate Williams

What does it really mean when you receive assignment feedback such as "Your account is too descriptive", "You need to show more analysis in your work", "You need to be more critical"?

This video is a recording of a webinar hosted by Kate Williams, who will help you discover what getting critical is (and isn’t), why you need to bring a critical dimension to your work, and how to do it.

Watch the video and find out how to:

• Approach your studies, work and life inquisitively and critically

• Take a strategic apprach to reading and research

• Get critical in writing, so you can achieve higher marks

This content is based on Getting Critical

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