Research skills audit

You may well already have many research skills. You need to assess and measure these so you will find it useful to audit your skills. Most universities offer research methods and skills training. Find out if yours does. You might specify needs, such as training with social science research analysis packages, for example SPSS, R or Jamovi. Alternatively, your needs might be more general, for example acquiring and managing knowledge. This is a larger writing project than what you undertook at undergraduate level - but it does need to be manageable and managed.

You may well have underestimated or even overestimated your skills in some areas and you might also think that skills developed so far just will not be relevant at this level of research. Be realistic. Think of instances in your study life and everyday life when you have used such skills and could transfer them to a research context. For example, if you have run a family budget you might be better skilled at calculating than you imagine. If you have carried out literature reviews for an undergraduate essay, or written a journalistic piece, these too are skills which can be developed and transferred. If you find genuine gaps in skills, then seize opportunities to work with others who have these skills. Seize development and training opportunities - develop, build and reflect on your skills as you carry out your research work.