Checking your work for plagiarism

Following the steps shown in our Referencing and avoiding plagiarism section will put you in a great position for thinking about your referencing early, and ensuring that you’re taking the necessary steps throughout your assignment to achieve referencing success. If however you’re unsure you have referenced correctly, or would like peace of mind, you might like to consider using the Plagiarism Check offered by our partners Scribbr.

Simply upload your paper, and within 10 minutes you will receive a bespoke report, highlighting any areas of concern, which you can go back to, and amend before submission.

The Scribbr Plagiarism Check detects similarities between your paper and the official Ephorus database (the most widely used plagiarism checker for schools and universities) which reviews 52 billion internet sources, as well as 159 million scientific articles, and even papers written by other students.

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