Bloomsbury student vloggers

This page is a collection of all the videos our student vloggers have made to help you with your journey from a first year fresher to accomplished graduate. With tips to improve your studies, tricks on keeping organised and guidance on food shopping, all academic and personal topics are covered. Helpful content by students for students arranged into playlists for easy navigation.

You can watch the videos on this page or go through to our YouTube channel.

Student Life

What I Wish I knew before starting University

By Lia

Nervous about heading off to College or University? Unsure what to expect? In this video, Lia shares the 6 things she wishes she had known before going to University.

  • Everyone is in the same situation as you [00:32]
  • Make friends outside of your accommodation / flat too [02:30]
  • It's fun to get involved in clubs and societies [04:10]
  • Don't rush into organising your second year house [05:25]
  • Don't go home too soon [08:15]
  • Keep up your friendships from home [09:21]

My university room tour

By Mariya

Looking ahead to University next year and want to know what your accommodation setup might be like? Looking for some inspiration for organsing or decorating your uni bedroom? Or maybe you just want a nosy around someone else's space?! In this video, Mariya from the University of Southampton takes us around her bedroom, bathroom and shared kitchen. How does it compare to your space?

7 things that I do to be more eco-friendly

By Daniela.

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more eco-friendly life? In this vlog, Daniela shares seven small and simple steps you can take to achieve this:

  • Choose second-hand clothing [00:19]
  • Follow a plant-based diet [01:23]
  • Buy an ecoegg for your laundry [02:19]
  • Make ecobricks [02:54]
  • Use reusable cotton pads to clean your face [03:51]
  • Take greener modes of transport [04:20]
  • Buy local food [05:01]

How I use the Macmillan Student Planner

By Daniela

Thinking about using a student planner or academic diary this year to help you organise your time and information effectively and stay on track? In this video, Daniela shares her thoughts on the Macmillan Student Planner. Watch the video to find out what she likes about it and how she uses it to plan her studies and life.

Take a closer look at The Student Planner for 2022-23 here.

Going to University

What to take to uni: Packing essentials and checklist

By Anna

Heading off to uni for the first time but feeling a little unsure about what to pack? In this video, Anna shares her suggestions for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen essentials, as well as a few things to make make your room feel more like home. You'll also pick up some super-handy packing ideas which will making moving into your uni accommodation easy and stress-free!

  • Bedroom essentials [0:55]
  • Bathroom essentials [2:56]
  • Kitchen essentials [4:06]
  • Packing ideas [5:08]

Work Experience, Careers & Employability

My experience on a GP Pharmacy summer placement in Scotland

By Jewel.

Doing a summer placement or internship as part of your course? If you’re wondering what’s involved, this vlog’s for you! Final year student Jewel shares her experience of doing a GP Pharmacy summer placement in Dumfries, Scotland, including:

  • How she applied for the placement [00:55]
  • what a GP Pharmacist does [02:36]
  • What she learnt from her placement [05:46]
  • Whether it was worth it (spoiler - it was!) [08:53]

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International Students

Moving to New York for college: My experience and advice as an international student

By Jane

Considering moving abroad for some, or all, of your studies? Student vlogger Jane shares her experience of, and advice for, moving to New York for college, including:

  • Keeping on top of pre-departure admin [00:35]
  • Packing for a Transatlantic move [04:04]
  • Flying out to New York [06:27]
  • Moving into Columbia college accommodation [09:00]
  • Exploring the campus and the local area [11:58]

Short on time? Skip to 13:40 to hear Jane's five top tips for a successful study abroad adventure!