International students: Improving the quality of your written work

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International students often have an extra challenge due to language difficulties. Having a low level of English often means you might struggle to achieve the highest possible marks in your assignments and exams, so it's worth putting in extra effort to ensure you are able to communicate effectively, especially in written work.

If you're looking for additional support to ensure the quality of your written work is as good as it can be, you might like to consider using the proofreading and language editing services offered by our partner, Scribbr.

Scribbr offers proofreading and language editing services allowing you to submit your work with confidence.

Once you have uploaded your paper, you will be assigned an Editor with knowledge in your subject area. Your Editor will provide guidance on improving the language in your work, highlight spelling issues or typos and identify amends to your sentence structure and word choice. You’ll receive personalised feedback to help you recognise and correct your most frequent mistakes, and improve the quality of your academic work. ​

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